Vitalis: The largest eHealth event in Scandinavia


“Health Data for Better Care, a European Perspective”:  in the frame of Vitalis Conference, the consortia of EDAH is organising, in collaboration with Novartis, a live broadcast seminar.

Wednesday May 24, 2023 13:00 – 17:00 Open Seminar Area

Lecturers: Johan KahlströmSara Bucher
Moderators: Lotta LiljelundMontse Daban
Presenters: Clinician from Rheumatology ClinicJaanus PikaniPatient Organization
Panelists: Hille HinsbergJordi Piera Jiménez

Data has for ages been a vital part of healthcare. Last decades new technology has opened immense opportunities.

However in Sweden and Europe today, infrastructural questions remain regarding the use of health data, such as ownership issues, the connection between different data structures or how data generated in research  can be shared and used in healthcare. Interoperability between different actors can and needs to be improved.

In our approach, we want to highlight how different actors view opportunities and challenges in an increased use of data linked to well-being and health. We want to start from the patients perspective, deepen the discussion with the view of healthcare professionals and conclude with our joint list of recommendations to policy makers.

Together with political stakeholders from EU member states like Estonia, Germany, Sweden and Spain we will discuss the necessity of a framework for a European Health Data space to enable improve patient care. 

The patient perspective will be included by a representative from an European patient advocacy group.

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