Case studies

Case studies on seven key EU clusters/ networks will be carried out in order to:

  1. Facilitate learning from various good practices of strong EU clusters/networks in advancing digital health and related innovation in their regions/ countries as well as good practices related to quadruple helix collaboration.
  2. Reach a better understanding of the ecosystems and innovation agendas of these clusters/networks.
  3. Five case studies will additionally focus on the possibilities of advancing specific topics related to the EHDS in the context of the upcoming EU presidency in the clusters ́/networks ́ country of origin.
  4. The clusters/networks selected for case studies represent Czech Republic, Sweden, Spain, Hungary, Belgium (the five upcoming EU presidency countries), plus Portugal and Bulgaria.


November 2022

Czech Republic

January 2023


February 2023


April 2023


July 2023


November 2023


April 2024