Building the European Health Data Space of the Future (EHDS)

Date: Tuesday July 11th, 2023

Time: 10:30:00 GMT+0200 (CEST)

Address: 26 Via Laietana, 08003 Barcelona (Tech Barcelona)

Language: the event will be conducted in Spanish



An event where we will bring together healthcare professionals and experts from across Europe to discuss and collaborate on creating an efficient and advanced healthcare data system.

We will explore the latest trends and technologies in the field of healthcare, including artificial intelligence, big data and cybersecurity. In addition, there will be interactive sessions, round tables and networking opportunities to encourage collaboration among attendees.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the future of healthcare data in Europe! 

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10:30 a 11:00. Registration and coffee

11:00 a 11:30. Welcome and introduction: Pol Pérez (Director de Sistemas de Información en el Servei Català de la Salut)  and Robert Fabregat (CEO de Biocat)

11:30 a 12:00. The importance of digital data in health. Conversation with Pol Pérez (Director de Sistemas de Información en el Servei Català de la Salut) and Juan Ignacio Coll (Director General de Transformación Digital, Innovación y Derechos de los Usuarios, Gobierno de Aragón)

12:00 a 12:30. Health/AI observatory and program in Cataluña. Joan Guanyabens (Director de TIC SALUT Social)

12:30 a 13:30. Presentations on challenges and opportunities of the health digital data

13:30 a 14:30. Lunch

14:30-17:00. Co-creation workshop to create an ecosystem for the secondary use of health data (rules, common standards and practices, infrastructures and governance framework). Francisco Lupiáñez-Villanueva (Co-Fundador de PredictBy y Profesor en el Departamento de Información y Comunicación de la UOC)

17:00 a 17:15. Closing remarks. Ramon Maspons Bosch (Director de Estrategia e Innovación en Salud del Ministerio de Salud, Gobierno de Cataluña y Director de Innovación en AQuAS)


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